This weeks playlist was made by KUDUKUDU.

KUDUKUDU RECORDS is an artist-centric Independent Record Label based in Cape Town. Run by artists, for artists KUDUKUDU RECORDS aims to help local artists reach audiences who connect with their music all around the world. Over the past year, KUDUKUDU RECORDS’ releases have gained more than 6M streams and counting, with prominent worldwide playlist features across Apple Music, Spotify & Deezer.

KUDUKUDU RECORDS focuses on supporting music that is often overlooked by local radio, but still has a world class sound. With over 90% of KUDUKUDU RECORDS’ listeners based outside of South Africa, the label is providing a platform for local artists to showcase their music to the world, all the while taking a smaller share of profits than traditional labels.

Here is a playlist KUDUKUDU RECORDS put together for FLOAT with some of the local music they think you should hear. Note that some of these releases were not released through KUDUKUDU RECORDS.

KUDUKUDU Releases:

Diamond Thug – Sapphire

Amy Ayanda – Rose

The World of Birds – Having You

Grassy Spark – The Candy Bakai,

Bex – Talking About You


Ooh some clothes to buy