This weeks playlist was curated by Jamie Symonds aka JAY ME.

JAY ME is a DJ from Cape Town, relatively new to the scene. Her forever growing passion for music was amplified by watching and learning from some of her favourite local artists and influences; Mudblud, Warren Bokwe, Tommy Gun, Stone-Age-Citizens, Carly and Private Life residents, Pierre Estienne and Terrence Pearce.

JAY ME has always gravitated towards an ‘older’ sound which she intends to bring to life through channeling this passion. She hopes to share her love for funk, disco and house all the while bringing people together and celebrating the diversity of her audiences.

JAY ME is playing at our event this Friday 10 March. This playlist will also get you excited for our little party next week at the Strangers Club. If you haven’t heard of it yet, go check out the event!

Enjoy and see you next week for the next playlist! 🙂