Concept to Carve is a collaboration between Cape Town based Brand Identity designer Teager Eales and handmade surf-craft shaper Henry Muller.

This project was a experimental approach to test the the idea of an Exchange of trade (EoT). The concept of (EoT) is a great way to get something without physically exchanging money that you may not have at the time. 

This short edit digs a bit deeper into Teager’s process of creating a logo identity and Henry’s method to hand shaping his surf craft.

The project was filmed and edited by Chris Joubert 

One important thing we learnt from this process:


It is important to be honest about your ideal goals right from the start.
Working with a a team that is like-minded is a must.
This process only works when everyone benefits equally.


To allow each artist the creative freedom to express themselves rather than dictate is a favourable approach.

Chris Joubert:

Shooting passion projects is often what is needed to stay stoked about what you do and is a great way to meet new contacts.