Zine 01

Bagus by Sam Wells & Luke Nelson

What is a zine?

A zine is usually a non – commercial, non professional publication, kind of like a magazine but with a twist. The main difference between a magazine and a zine is that zines are not out there to make a profit but, rather, to add other, often unheard voices into the mix. Zines are usually made out of interest and passion and are often self-published by the photographer/writer/artist/creator.

Our First Zine feature is of our friends Luke Nelson and Sam Wells. The photos featured on the page give you a taste of the visual imagery inside the zine.

The word BAGUS mean’s “It’s good, it’s beautiful, it’s nice!” and is the title of a photo zine collaboration between Sam Wells and Luke Nelson on a trip they did to balmy Indonesia in 2017.

The region itself is full of culture, beauty and a dash of mystery – which is brought across visually in this little travel publication.

A bit about the photographers

When not sharing a Nasi Goreng or wave in Indo, Sam is a freelance Interactive Designer by day whilst Luke works a videographer and likes to play around shooting on film.

If you want to see more of Sam’s work, go follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

If you want to see more of Luke’s work, check out his Vimeo and Instagram.

The zine is available for purchase below.