This weeks playlist was made by Junaid Buffkins, titled Float Party Nostalgia.

A little about Junaid and the playlist: This playlist comes from the self-proclaimed best uber DJ around, where most, if not all of his uber rides are greeted with a “do you have an aux?”. Junaid is rumoured to have entertained fellow Uber riders for the past 4 Years, and at some point he will move away from the aux and take it to the decks. Although his music love is more in hip hop, tech, and indie, our float family member (going by the DJ name of Salt & Pep) has curated a playlist ranging from the disco and house spheres, sure to bring back some float party Nostalgia. We hope to see Junaid throwing it down on the decks someday, but is struggling to find the other half of his DJ duo (salt), however Nicholas Coles is believed to be on the shortlist. Here we have it, starting off slow, and breaking into high energy leaving you wanting more, the “Float Party Nostalgia” playlist, taking you through your Tuesday.

Have a power Tuesday